Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pardon the Interruption


Between the ravages of the physical ailments and the heartbreak I'm experiencing right now, I really don't feel much like writing today, and probably won't feel much like it tomorrow, either.

If you go back and read this blog's first entry, it is quite possible that I have already more or less accomplished my stated purpose anyway.

I've written and published not quite two years worth
of daily glimpses into me, my life, and how my mind works, all of it still readable via the handy Blog Archive in the right-hand sidebar.

If all of that hasn't been enough to satisfy any potential future spelunkers of my life,
it is not clear to me what else there is to tell. And until I figure out an answer to that question, there are some more pressing matters requiring my attention...

"Giving up" isn't the best description, but I'm afraid there isn't much fight left in me...

The Way of the World

From the webcomic xkcd, by Randall Munroe, which you should read every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Until Next Time...

One of the nice things about my "Tearjerkers" iTunes playlist is that it has grown
so large over the years there's a song in it which is perfect for just about every sad occasion one can imagine.

Today's send-off is perfect for the way I feel right now, that's for sure. Can't really recall any other song on which Linda's voice sounds so wounded, so anguished...

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