Monday, November 30, 2015


It's Pretty Simple, Really

Last Friday, a lunatic started a hostage situation at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs. In the end, three people were killed (including a police officer), and another nine injured (five of them police officers). Neither of the civilian fatalities were in the Planned Parenthood facility when they were shot, and they had no connection
to it. Details are still being pieced together, but at the moment it appears that the two civilian fatalities and the arrival of the police on the scene is what prompted the shooter to enter the Planned Parenthood facility and begin the hostage standoff.

In an entirely predictable manner, the progressive left and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) have gone into attack mode, using the incident as yet-another pretext to call for more gun control (even though there is no reason to believe that would have prevented the incident), and blaming the coverage of the Planned Parenthood baby parts-for-cash scandal for driving the shooter to attack (even though there is no evidence to support that claim either). Planned Parenthood itself actually sent out a fundraising message on Twitter while the standoff was still underway.

"I can't even..."

All-in-all, it was the sort of spectacle that makes me shake my head, and despair for the future of reason and evidence in our public discourse.

Absent some sort of unconstitutional mass confiscation scheme, there is no gun control measure that would have prevented what happened in Colorado Springs.

The hypocritical squawking about "angry rhetoric" should also stop. We don't need to create a Nutjob Shooter Veto over our discourse. In fact, the more free we are to express our opinions, even in overheated rhetoric, the safer we are. Free speech saves lives.

What we should do is pretty simple, really: We should mourn the dead, pray for the wounded and the loved ones of all who were touched by the atrocity, and make sure to tell those who matter in our lives how much we love them.

"That's a good thing to do every day, no matter what."
Yes, yes it is...

Things That Make Me Happy: TCB Edition

For those of you not steeped in Elvis Presley lore, this section's heading is a reference to the logo pictured at right, which was designed by The King himself. "TCB" stands for "Taking Care of Business," and Elvis had that logo plastered all over his Graceland mansion, his private jet, and everything else he could find. He even called his backup musicians the TCB Band when he began his legendary comeback in 1968.

My beloved Kansas City Chiefs took care of business yesterday at Arrowhead Stadium, defeating the Buffalo Bills 30-22 and improving their chances of making the playoffs. It was the team's fifth win in a row, following a five-game losing streak. They are now 6-5, and occupy the 5th spot in the AFC playoff standings as of this morning.

RB Spencer Ware and QB Alex Smith were a dynamic duo Sunday.
Running back Spencer Ware had a fine performance last week in San Diego, and followed it up with another strong effort yesterday: 114 yards on 19 carries (averaging 6 yards per carry), 1 touchdown.

Quarterback Alex Smith also had a fine game: 19-for-30, 255 yards, two touchdown passes. Alex also extended his club-record streak of pass attempts without an interception to 283, and for the sixth straight game the Chiefs did not turn the ball over, also a franchise record.

Next up is a trip to the west coast next Sunday for a game against the archrival Oakland Raiders.

How Old People Do Cyber Monday

The Maxine character is the creation of Hallmark artist John Wagner, a nice Catholic school boy made good. You can find more of her here.

"She's old, crabby, sarcastic, loves coffee...why aren't you married to her?"
Crackers in bed turned out to be a deal-breaker...

Until Next Time...

This week's Music Recommendation is the latest release from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, a recording of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 and Symphony No. 7. The PSO is arguably the most exciting symphony orchestra in America at the moment, and this release will do nothing to diminish that reputation. The No. 5 is amazing, but if you are a fan of No. 7 this outstanding rendition will probably become your new favorite.

Today's send-off is a "Sneak Peek" video from the group's YouTube channel. It is a live performance of an excerpt from Beethoven's Symphony No. 6. Enjoy...and buy their new album!

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