Friday, October 30, 2015

The Circus is Back in Town

Thank Abaddon It's Friday!

"If there's just one more Java update, I'm coming for you!"

The Nobel Committee Sure Screwed That One Up

The online world is abuzz this morning with the news that President Obama is sending a small deployment of U.S. ground troops to Syria. Lots of people have posted the 2013 video clip where he adamantly insists that he will never do this.

"I thought I was wrong, once, but I was mistaken."
Of course, there's nothing wrong with a president changing his mind, and doing what he thinks is best at any given moment. The reason so many people are gloating about this particular reversal is that he is a sanctimonious asshole who constantly insists that no reasonable person could possibly disagree with his decisions or policies.

And did I mention that, when one of his policy moves doesn't work out, he blames everyone but himself for the failure? And that, if the failure is big enough, he actually says he predicted the failure from the beginning?

Obama had only been in office for a few months when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to him in 2009. In a recently-published book, an official who was part of those deliberations admits that the move was not a reward for anything Obama had actually, you know, done. It was given because the nitwits on the committee believed it would "strengthen" the new president, especially in his quest to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Did it work? Well, Obama hasn't talked about the issue for years, and the world's stockpile of nuclear weapons hasn't been reduced in the slightest (and will actually get larger thanks to Obama's Iran deal).

"So, 'No,' in others words."

Actually, that would be the precise word...

The World Series Resumes

My beloved Kansas City Royals take on the New York Mets tonight at Citi Field in Flushing Meadow, Queens in Game 3 of the 2015 World Series...

The Royals lead the series two games to none. While you're waiting for the Series to resume, you could be reading this interesting article about Game 2 and what it might signify about the changing nature of the game...

"Do you have enough digoxin on hand to make it through the whole Series?"

We'll have to wait and see on that one...

Capitalism's Sorting Function

From the delightful comic strip Non Sequitur, by Wiley Miller, which you should read every day, as I do (even though Wiley is a squishy liberal).


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Until Next Time

Ideas for what to use in this section come from all sorts of places. Today, it was a message on Twitter from someone I follow:

For those who don't get the reference, Airstream is a company that makes travel trailers like the one in the photograph. It was an especially evocative image for me, since I yearn to own an Airstream, and spend the remainder of my days exploring this beautiful country we live in, including the 12 states I have yet to visit. If I should ever win the Powerball drawing, an Airstream Land Yacht will be one of my first purchases!

Anyway, seeing that picture got me thinking about a favorite song of mine by the
Pat Metheny Group. "Airstream" was the second track on the band's 1979 album American Garage, one of my all-time favorite records (yeah, some of us geezers still call them "records"). Today's send-off is that song paired with a slide show featuring pictures of Pat and the rest of the group. Enjoy...

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