Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Here We Go Again


Few things in this life give me as much pleasure as mocking and belittling the University of Kansas. I come by my loathing of all things Jayhawk honestly, being a Missouri guy.

Beautiful campus filled with heinous, stupid people

Usually the mocking and belittling involves sports, especially football (in which KU is historically awful this season), but I came across a non-sports story yesterday that was too good an opportunity to pass up.

The university's Student Senate voted on October 20 to remove gender-specific pronouns from its Student Senate Rules and Regulations. It did this for the most Polticially Correct of reasons, naturally: Gender-specific pronouns are "microaggressions," don't you know, and the KU Student Senate wanted to take a courageous stand against that kind of evil.

So brave...and so stupid.

In the words of Harrison Baker, the earnest young nitwit who sponsored the bill, "This is a key first step in making our campus more inclusive. Hopefully this will be a catalyst to create discussions on campus and cause change to happen elsewhere."

Whatever, kid. It will certainly create some discussions, on your campus and elsewhere, but not the kind you were hoping for, I suspect.

As for change, the change that needs to happen in this instance is that the university should stop subsidizing idiocy with student tuition dollars.

In any event, it is always a pleasure to give proper recognition to a Jayhawk...

"Couldn't resist the low-hanging fruit, eh?"

Didn't even really try to resist, no...

Things That Make Me Sad: Missing Man Edition

Tonight at Kauffman Stadium, my beloved Kansas City Royals will take on the New York Mets in Game 1 of the 2015 World Series. When the Royals ended a 29-year playoff drought (longest in professional sports at the time) last year and advanced to the World Series with a record-setting run, this lifelong Royals fan was beside himself with pride and happiness. Going to the World Series in consecutive years is rare in professional baseball, but now that that Royals have accomplished that, I will be pulling for them to win their second World Championship.

This has been an even more magical season season than last year, but I hope that amidst all the hoopla surrounding the games Royals fans don't forget some of the players who made significant contributions to help us get here, but who won't be appearing in the Series.

Before his season ended with an elbow injury requiring the Tommy John procedure, Jason Vargas was 5-2 with a 3.98 ERA in 43 innings, and the Royals won both of the games he started where he did not get a decision.

Greg Holland's season ended on September 18, and he too required the Tommy John procedure. It was clear he was battling pain the whole season, as he never approached the dominant form he showed in 2014, but he still saved 32 games in 37 chances, and the Royals won three of the five games where he allowed the save to slip away.

Omar Infante's season ended with an injury on September 9. He had been the Royals regular second baseman since last season.

Omar's offense dropped off considerably this year, but he had 440 at-bats and drove in 44 runs with some very timely hits. He also played good defense.

Jeremy Guthrie was left off of the Royals' postseason roster because starting pitchers are less valuable in a short playoff series than bench players.

Jeremy was a valuable performer for the Royals this season. While his ERA is high, he pitched well enough to win 8 games, and the team won an additional 6 games where he started but did not figure in the decision.

Joe Blanton began the season in the Royals bullpen, but when Jason Vargas went on the DL, Joe stepped up and patched the rotation. He was 2-2 with two saves in 15 games as a Royal.

The Royals traded Joe to the playoff-bound Pittsburgh Pirates. He was 5-0, 1.57 ERA with the Pirates, 7-2 2.84 overall.

If the festivities tonight include a fly-over from Whiteman AFB, as they did last year, I think it would be entirely fitting if they used the Missing Man Formation...

"You really are a sentimental softie."

This is news to you? Seriously?

Nailed It

Conservatively-inclined editorial cartoonist Glenn McCoy, whose work I only recently became aware of, gets right to the heart of that progressive liberal media (but I repeat myself) narrative about how Hillary "won" the Benghazi hearing last week:

Until Next Time...

On October 27, 1988 the documentary film U2: Rattle and Hum had its world premiere in Dublin, Ireland.

Promotional "one sheet" for the film
The project was intended to coincide with the release of an album of the same name. The album featured both new material and live recordings from the band's tour promoting it's highly-successful album
The Joshua Tree.

If you don't pay attention to such things, it is difficult to explain just how big U2 was at the time the film was made. The movie was much-anticipated, as was the album which accompanied it, but the critical response was only lukewarm.

That outcome prompted quite a bit of turmoil and change for the band, but eventually they came back stronger than ever, and they still sell out stadiums around the world when they tour.

Today's send-off is the band's performance from the film of the first single from the Rattle and Hum album, the Grammy Award-winning "Desire." Enjoy...

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