Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Java Jive

Rock Chalk

Because I spent my formative years mostly in Missouri, I acquired an entirely healthy and not-at-all abnormal loathing for the University of Kansas. During my high school days this was mostly confined to rooting for the University of Missouri when it played KU in football and basketball. To say that the two schools have a bit of history in those two sports would be an understatement.

When I got to college, my abhorrence expanded to include debate, as teams from Kansas were regular competitors of mine on the circuit I traveled, and nationally successful as well (KU has won more national titles in debate than in basketball). I had a winning record against the Jayhawks for my career, and it was more satisfying beating them than anyone else I faced.

Picturesque campus, idiotic administration.
Thus, I probably took more joy than most people when KU got hauled into court for doing something galactically stupid in name of Title IX enforcement.

The university decided to expel a student for saying something unpleasant about an ex-girlfriend on Twitter (without explicitly naming her). No, really, that's what they did.

Did I mention the part about how the student in question wasn't on campus when the inflammatory messages were posted?

Last Friday, the Kansas Court of Appeals ruled against KU and ordered that the student be reinstated. Duh. The university ought to be embarrassed over having done what it did in the first place, and it is gratifying to see them get spanked for doubling down and defending their pathetic asininity in court.

"Our school got its ass kicked in court! Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!!"

"Don't you think you're gloating over all this just a little too much?"

No. No, I do not...

Celebrating the Moments of My Life

If you read this blog regularly (and what right-thinking person doesn't?), it won't come as a surprise that today is a very special holiday for me...

Although there are a variety of tempting special offers to be found around town, I'll probably limit myself to shopping for a new Starbucks mug on eBay, and perhaps indulging in one extra vanilla latte made on my Mr. Coffee Café Barista...

If you're in the market for an espresso maker, there's a sweet deal available right now on this model. Couldn't be happier with mine. Recommended.

"Admit it. You're going to celebrate again on Thursday, right?"

Of course. Thursday is International Coffee Day, after all...

Last Cup

From the delightful comic strip Dilbert, by Scott Adams, which you should read every day, as I do.

Until Next Time...

In 1940, vocal group The Ink Spots had a hit with "Java Jive," an almost nonsensical ode to the joys of coffee. It quickly became a staple of their live performances, and it is practically the national anthem for Coffee Nation.

Today's send-off is a wonderful performance of the song by The Manhattan Transfer, recorded in 1975 for their eponymous second album. Pour yourself a nice, hot cup of joe, and enjoy...

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