Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Potpourri No. 52

Happy Birthday!

On February 12, 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky. He turned out okay.

Lincoln's Birthday is celebrated as a legal holiday in seven states, but in most places
it is combined with the celebration of George Washington's Birthday the third Monday
in February (Washington's actual birthday is February 22) in a holiday commonly referred to as Presidents Day.

"I want to visit that memorial again!"

I would like that, too...maybe someday...

Next To Godliness

For the first time in awhile the weather was warm enough to make washing Rose Red feasible, and since there is no foul weather in the forecast for awhile I decided to give her a nice warm bath...

...the car wash I normally use was having plumbing issues, so all of their self-service bays were closed.
I went to the slightly more costly place near Mall of the Bluffs, and got the job done expeditiously.

"Wow! She really was schmutzy, wasn't she?"

Yes, she was...sometimes it's hard to tell until after you wash her just how badly
she needed it...

Shopping Score

I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday to do a bit of shopping in Omaha, including one of my favorite stores, Gloria Deo.

Because it was the feast day of
Our Lady of Lourdes, I was looking for audio versions of the rosary
(I lost the only one I had some time ago, and using online versions limits me to times when I have access to the internet).

I found a splendid recording done by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, which is now in my iTunes both on my laptop and on my iPod. Having it
on the latter means I can say a rosary just about anywhere, including my car when
I'm taking long drives.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

From the wry comic strip FoxTrot, by Bill Amend, which you should read every Sunday, as I do.

Until Next Time...

On January 1, 2017 the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel rang in the New Year with a concert at the fabled Wiener Musikverein.
An estimated 50 million people worldwide watched the event on television, in more than 90 countries. A film of the performance is scheduled to be released on DVD next month, but in the meantime the audio version is this week's Music Recommendation.

Original 1848 cover sheet

The program consisted mostly of music from various members of the Strauss family tree (Josef, Johann Sr., Johann Jr.), and concluded with the Redetzky March, Op. 228, composed
by Johann Sr.

Although Johann Sr. was noted for his waltzes, the Redetzky March is likely his most famous work, especially among those whose service in the military includes formation marching.

Today's send-off is the orchestra's spirited performance of the march, complete with enthusiastic audience participation. Enjoy...

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