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"And the winner is...SENILITY!"
I skipped most of last night's 89th Annual Academy Awards telecast, watching a Blues-Blackhawks NHL game instead. I actually did want
to see who won the "big" awards,
so I tuned in late. I'm glad I did...

In what will go down in Oscar history as the most embarrassing foul-up off all time, doddering fossils Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty actually announced the wrong winner for Best Picture.

Dunaway (76) and Beatty (79) had been chosen to honor the 50th anniversary of their famous film Bonnie and Clyde, which ironically enough (given what was just about
to happen) also did not win Best Picture the year it was nominated (and only won in two of the ten categories in which it was competing).

Needless to say, in the wake of the screw-up some folks on the internet had fun...

"These are the same people who think Republicans are incompetent idiots, right?" fairness, a lot of Republicans ARE incompetent idiots, especially these days, but
it is still pretty comical to watch Hollywood fuck up its Big Night...and that wasn't even their only screw-up...

Can't Win 'Em All

"Not great. Not terrible. About what I expected."

In baseball you can't win every game, and yesterday my beloved Kansas City Royals followed up their first Cactus League win on Saturday with their first loss, a 6-4 defeat
at the hands of the Texas Rangers.

Royals starter Kyle Zimmer was generally pleased with his outing, despite the results, because coming back from injury his main focus is just getting back to where he needs to be with his mechanics.

Given the shaky state of the Royals' starting rotation, it would be great to finally see
a healthy Zimmer (a former No. 1 draft choice) finally ready to contribute.

"The Royals sure do have a lot of pitchers coming off of surgeries."

They's starter against the Mariners will be LHP Jason Vargas, who looked pretty decent last September in the 12 innings he pitched after rehabbing his Tommy John procedure...we need him back in the rotation in 2017...

Daytona Dud

In its latest attempt to drive away its fan base, NASCAR for 2017 has adopted something they've chosen to call "three-stage racing."

It is my default position that if your sport is causing journalists to feel the need to publish a "guide to understanding" something that you're doing, you're doing it wrong.

I tried watching some of the Daytona 500 yesterday, but it became clear early on that
no one really understands the new rules and point systems, although the announcers all bravely pretended that they did. Having three short races instead of one long race simply doesn't do anything for me, as a spectator. So far at least the change is proving to be quite controversial.

The only good thing about yesterday's crash-filled race was that a Ford was the winner, and even that pleasure was attenuated for me because the No. 41 car's driver is notorious douchebag Kurt Busch.

"That jerk still has a ride?"

I know, right?

You're Learning, Kid

From the wry comic strip Zits, by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, which you should read every day, as I do.

Until Next Time...

The worst part of the Academy Awards snafu last night, without question, was that
the sheer joy of the winning moment for the Moonlight folks was completely ruined.

Original 2016 "one sheet" poster

There is no way to ever remedy that kind of wrong, of course, but I felt like the least I could do was feature some music from Nicholas Britell's score for the film here.

Composer Britell's unusual music was also nominated, for Best Original Score (Justin Hurwitz's La La Land score, the Weekly Music Recommendation here for the week of January 9, took home the Oscar). This was the 36-year-old  Britell's first Academy Award nomination.

The score is certainly offbeat, and I find it affecting, but it may be one of those scores that needs the visual elements in order to be completely effective.

Today's send-off is a suite of themes and motifs from Britell's evocative score, from
the film's YouTube channel. Enjoy...

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