Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Potpourri No. 51


Temperatures here in the Bluffs the past few days haven't strayed more than a couple of degrees above or below freezing, which is better than the bitter cold of last week but still rather problematic in terms of getting the ice from the last storm to melt off.

At my age, I need to be especially leery of icy spots on sidewalks and parking lots...

"So 'Tubthumping' isn't your theme song these days?"

Might be the worst song ever, actually...

LI Lull, LOL

For the first time since the NFL season began back on September 8, there are no games to watch today. That's because we're in the tedious interregnum between the AFC and NFC Championship games which were played last weekend and the February 5 Super Bowl in Houston.

I have always thought the extra week off was pretty silly, but the league doesn't consult me about such things. And speaking of silly, one has to wonder if the league now regrets deciding to stick with those Roman numerals for Super Bowl logos...

"Wait a minute! Aren't they playing the Pro Bowl game today?"

Crappy play, dreadful uniforms, players bailing real football fan considers the Pro Bowl an actual game...

Cultural Landmark

Original 1964 "one sheet" poster

On January 29, 1964 the legendary
Stanley Kubrick-directed black comedy  
Dr. Strangelove was released.

Adapted from the 1958 novel Red Alert,
the film was successful at the box office and earned several Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Picture as well as a Best Director nomination for Kubrick.

More than a half century after its release it remains one of the most highly-regarded films in American history, and has been selected for inclusion in the National Film Registry curated by the Library of Congress.

Told You So

From the insightful pen of Michael Ramirez, whose editorial cartoons you should read often, as I do.

Until Next Time...

The original score for Dr. Strangelove was written by English composer and conductor Laurie Johnson, whose scoring work included the popular TV series The Avengers (with which I was mildly obsessed in the early '60s).

There was never an official release of the Dr. Strangelove soundtrack or score, but in 1980 Johnson included a track from the film score on The Avengers (Original Scores), an album which featured several bits of music from The Avengers as well as from some other Johnson film and TV projects.

Today's send-off is that track, "The Bomb Run," from Johnson's YouTube channel. Enjoy...

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