Sunday, December 20, 2015


Fourth Sunday of Advent

The fourth Sunday of Advent marks the final week of prayer and penance in anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The candle we light today is called the Angel's Candle, symbolizing peace. The message of the angels heralding Christ's birth in Bethlehem was "Peace on Earth, good will toward men."

Wild Kingdom Bed & Breakfast Update


I was so tired on Friday night that I forgot to empty the water out of the bird bath to prevent it from freezing over.

Saturday morning, as I was trying to get the frozen water out of the bowl, the weight of the water combined with the plastic being very cold resulted in the bowl snapping off the pedestal. When the bowl hit the ground, it broke around the edge, leaving four pieces.

I did my best to effect a repair, but the bird bath is in rocky shape now, and it leaks. It will have to suffice, though, until Amazon delivers the replacement.

Lesson learned...

"Admit it. You felt guilty, didn't you?"

It is possible that I did, yes...


I'm not sure if this is just a seasonal offering, or if it is going to become part of the regular product line, but Sprite Zero Cranberry is a hit with me. The cranberry flavor is subtle, but pleasant. Well done, Coca-Cola!

I Know Just What You Mean

From the classic Jeff MacNelly-created comic strip Shoe, now being produced by Gary Brookins and Jeff's widow, Susie.

Until Next Time...

The lighting of the Angel's Candle today reminds us that one of the appellations by which Jesus is known to the faithful is "Prince of Peace."

On its 1996 debut album Christmas Eve and Other Stories, the progressive rock group Trans-Siberian Orchestra recorded a song called "The Prince of Peace." The song's lyrics, written by the band's producer Paul O'Neill, were paired with the music of the popular 19th century English Christmas carol "The Holly and The Ivy." The song also included a bit of the equally popular Wesley/Mendelssohn/Cummings carol "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing."

Today's send-off is the result of that skillful blend of old and new. It is easily my favorite Christmas song of recent vintage. The tears well up at the end of the fourth verse, and when singer Marlene Danielle slowly transitions to "Hark!..." the floodgates open, but they are tears of pure joy...

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