Wednesday, May 4, 2016



Leaving was one of the smarter things Lincoln ever did...

I'm not emotionally ready to talk about what happened in the Indiana Primary last night. Maybe the words will come tomorrow...

In the meantime, though, Indiana just went to the top of my Least Favorite States list.

If the !@#$% Hoosiers had a shred of decency, they'd remove that "Lincoln's Boyhood Home" stuff from their signage, since they just helped kill off the Party of Lincoln...

No, I don't...I don't see the Republican Party surviving this...conservatives will be forced to rally around some other institution, or create a new one...

Royals Magic

A sight for sore eyes...

My beloved Kansas City Royals have been struggling for more than a week. They lost five straight on their west coast trip to LA and Seattle, and got shut out on Monday night at Kauffman Stadium by the visiting Washington Nationals (the third time in four games the offense failed to score).

Heading into the bottom of the 9th inning last night in Game Two of the series, the Royals trailed 6-3 and were facing Nationals closer Jonathan Papelbon. If the last two seasons have taught us anything, though, it is that the Royals don't have much "quit" in them.

They proceeded to stage one of their patented "death by a thousand cuts" rallies against Papelbon: infield single, single, stolen base, two-run single to tie the game with one out, single, walk-off single. Royals win 7-6.

That last, game-winning single came off the bat of All-Star CF Lorenzo Cain, who has REALLY been struggling this season. It was good to see him celebrating with the team after his hit...

The rubber game of the series will be this afternoon, as the Royals try to become the first team this season to beat Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg.

Concert Night!

Joe in concert on March 20, 2016

Music has always been a source of comfort and solace to me in times like this, and fortunately for me I get to see my hero Joe Bonamassa in concert tonight!

Main concert hall, Holland Performing Arts Center

He'll be playing at the Holland Performing Arts Center in Omaha, a venue I have never been in previously
(I have seen Joe in Omaha twice before at a different venue).

I will also have the privilege of meeting Joe briefly before the show, which I have done on a couple of previous occasions. The plan is to have him autograph Amanda, my prized Alvarez Yairi WY1TS which is just like the one Joe plays...

"I can't wait! Woo!"

Settle down, dear...

Party of Lincoln, R.I.P.

From the insightful pen of Michael Ramirez, whose editorial cartoons you should read often, as I do.

Until Next Time...

As I have written on many occasions, dark days often make me turn to dark music, especially metal. Today is most assuredly one of those days.

The famous "Black Album" cover
"The Unforgiven" is my favorite song from Metallica's splendid 1991 eponymous album, although I didn't actually encounter that music until the fall of 1995.

My late friend Matt listened to a radio station that played this song a lot that fall, so when we'd be driving around in his car someplace I'd ask him to tell me the name of the song when it came on. It became a running joke between us that I couldn't remember from one instance of hearing it to the next. Matt solved that problem by gifting me the album that Christmas.

The song's lyrics seem especially on point for me today, and remembering time spent with Matt always helps me when I am struggling emotionally.

Today's send-off is the band's official video of the song. Enjoy...

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